Elizabeth & Kelly

ELIZABETH BARONDES and KELLY MORRIS work directly with their clients to develop a spatial narrative infused with the identity of the property’s owner and the site.

To enter a BMD space is to step into home that is singularly unique and imbued with sophistication, a place brimming with clean lines, luxe materials, rich textures, and custom-designed furnishings fabricated by local artisans. Yet for the owner of that space there is also an unspoken, deeper meaning – one BMD creates by subtly incorporating personal experiences into the larger whole. Be they places the owner has traveled, art that has inspired, childhood keepsakes, and beyond, these “signifiers of self” – often overlooked by designers – transform mere beauty and elegance into character and identity. Now in its second decade as a design team with clients on both coasts, BMD mixes art with design, simplicity with refinement, and history with the contemporary to produce a signature look that feels newly coined, highly personal, and timeless.


In providing comprehensive services from concept to move-in, we meld form and function with curated vintage pieces and the work of world-class craftsmen, textile designers and furniture makers to create atmospheres that feel textured, collected, and effortless. Our process is to guide, to lead, and also to listen to our clients so as to enhance what is most meaningful in their lives.