Elizabeth & Kelly




Stone and slate. Wood and marble. Linen and cloth. More than just materials that might easily find their way into a BMD design, these elements would serve well as emblems for the designers who employ them. Alone, they each possess their own unique and strong temperament, but when placed together they unite to form a single, complementary emotion. So it is with Elizabeth Barondes and Kelly Morris.

We are inspired by the works of visionaries such as Philippe Starck and Piero Lissoni, and more recently by Piet Boon…

“I think one of things that makes BMD so unique is that when clients work with us, they essentially get two very different perspectives for the price of one,” says Morris, whose interest in design was sparked at a young age by the fearless works of such visionaries as Philippe Starck and Piero Lissoni, and more recently by Piet Boon. “My personal style is set in classic architecture and design. But, as Elizabeth herself would tell you, I can lean toward the adventurous!”

That second perspective, equal to Morris’ in its conviction, belongs to Barondes, who particularly relishes integrating art with contemporary styles so as to bring passion and life to a space. It’s little wonder that Barondes feels such a strong connection to the subtle dramas that can unfold within a room. Before cofounding BMD in 2006 with Morris, the designer began her career as an actor, working on stage and screen for more than a decade. Her intimate connection to cultural creatives, thought leaders, and spirited nomads with multiple homes has helped not only to shape her sense of aesthetics but to provide her with a keen understanding of the desires for privacy and personalized expression that are so inherent to many of BMD’s clients.

“I too have huge respect for history and classic design, but I always like a juxtaposition, something unexpected,” Barondes says. “So I take my clients’ past personal influences and create a new and unique story with them.”

Together, Morris and Barondes feed off each other’s creative energy and perspectives, mix/matching their design instincts as they might mix/match reclaimed materials and custom crafted furniture with contemporary artwork, patterned French fabrics, or glistening, fresh forged metals. At the heart of a BMD design is a respect for the existing architecture and site married to the presentation of creative, personalized expression.

Just as one cannot lump clients together, one cannot easily define the look of a BMD home. Nor should one be able to. A BMD project may be full of whimsy or stylishly restrained through the clever employment of layered textures.

As Morris says of her and Barondes’ work, “We want to wow, but wow in a subtle way. We want to create spaces where you walk in and feel more than just a pretty room. You should feel transformed while you are in it.”